About Na Wahine O Kalani

Na Wahine O Kalani is a nonprofit scholarship fund exclusively dedicated to empowering young and emerging female athletes of Hawaii who compete in any athletic medium.

Funds to support our scholarships come primarily from the net sales profits of Mana Wine's Mana Na Wahine label, a project of Industry Outlaw. Learn more about Mana Na Wahine wines here.

Young women of Hawaii who are between the developmental ages of 12 -18 years of age are invited to apply for sports scholarships with the hopes we can provide them the ability to take their athletic talent to the next level of competition in all aspects of their life.

We invite professional athletes to become part of Team Mana, supporting and mentoring this new generation of talent emerging from our Islands.

Click here to view our Na Wahine O Kalani nonprofit incorporation documents.

About Our Executive Director

Jennie Stehli worked in the publishing industry for over eight years at various large corporations such as Conde Nast, Wenner Media and Dennis Publishing. Her expertise and background in the Marketing/Event and Sales departments gave her the knowledge and experience to be a success among various philanthropic organizations.

Jennie has sat on numerous executive boards where she planned and executed annual fundraisers for large corporations such as the American Red Cross, Breast Cancer Awareness, Kids in Crisis and various public and private schools in the Connecticut region. Jennie’s knowledge, energy and experience provide her with the necessary background to be Na Wahine O Kalani’s Executive Director and help us spread the good word for TEAM MANA.

About Our Founder + Board Chair

Ashleigh Hutchison moved off Island, to pursue a career in the wine business after her first break into wholesale wine sales in 2008. New to motherhood with a 3 year old, she met Alan Jahns, partner of JMD Beverages in Hawaii. He offered Ashleigh a sales route in West Maui after building a successful ‘Vineyard Dining Series’ at the acclaimed David Paul’s Island Grill in 2008. Ashleigh replied to Mr. Jahn’s job offer with a blank stare, to which he replied, ‘Yes, Ashleigh, but you know everyone on the Island.” And with that, she never looked back.

After leaving JMD in December 2011 she moved with her son to St. Helena, CA – the mecca of the wine business and the Heart of Napa Valley. She was welcomed and supported in the business landing a sales route with Vinifera Wine Marketing representing a portfolio of esteemed brands.

With this learned experience, she started her own Out of State brokerage, Ashleigh Elizabeth Consulting – representing smaller brands from well established winemakers with their own projects that had little time to sell on their own in outer markets.

After 3 years in the Valley, she accepted a position with Miner Family Winery as their Western Regional Sales Manager and relocated herself and her son to Pebble Beach, CA. There she was able to reconnect with the ocean and surf community she grew up knowing so well and was able to connect food and wine with the locals.

The extremely demanding travel schedule involved with the Regional position with Miner helped Ashleigh realize two very important things: Time away from her son growing up could not last forever & sales managers are road warriors – which this, she was not.

However, all the time spent on the road, led to creative sales & marketing. Meaning, the more and more you talk about the same product, you have to find creative means to sell/tell the story and never to the same person. The creativity eventually made its way to paper, and she began writing back labels and designing brands that she felt would have a niche in the ever growing and saturated wine market.

Industry Outlaw was a dream of Ashleigh’s beginning in 2016. The business was born as a creative writing endeavor with a coffee table book titled, “The Art of Spitting”. The current business umbrella allows Industry Outlaw to delve into creative writing into many mediums including the latest project – MANA Wines.

MANA wines is a wholesale wine company selling to the new generation of Millennial wine drinkers appealing not only to price points below $19.99, but as a lifestyle brand for those who can associate with the Ocean whether as a surfer, swimmer, kayaker or merely living by the ocean during some point of their lives.

MANA’s Polynesian translation of Energy & Motion is reflective of the iconic mosaic wave embossed on the label. It is a reflection of her personal life, but more importantly an emancipation to spend more time with her son.

MANA Wines are meant to be enjoyed daily with friends & family and most importantly; economically affordable to do so. MANA is the first of many brands to come and fall under the Industry Outlaw umbrella.

About Our Board of Directors

Lauren ‘Lolo’ Orman
Vice President

Woman extraordinaire, business owner, artist, mama bear and Uber Auntie.

Beth ‘Nani’ Fincher

Nani is deeply connected to the Islands, having grown up Kailua, HI.  She’s photographed here with her first grandson – Kalani Kai.

Janell ‘Auntie Nell’ Caterina-Simpliciano 

Maui Girl through and through. Second grade teacher, Farmer, Volunteer, Godmother, Auntie & probably the most honest woman on the planet.

Kalani Kai Hutchison
Honorary Board Member

He is a 13 year old athlete who is included in application process, public speaking events and seeking out new talent at his age level.